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( Safazil Aziz Anan )

“ Come to the hospital as soon as you can come, with all of your family members.” My father stood still, as if he was frozen, when he heard the voice saying this from the other side of the phone.

“Quick dear! Get yourself ready …. We have to rush.” For a moment I didn’t understand a single thing that was happening around me. Suddenly the alarming fact popped up in my head. My mother’s condition was not predictable.

My father, along with me and my aunt, set off for the city hospital in a haste. My father looked dazed and frightened. It was a stormy night with extreme darkness all around as there was no electricity. The road-side lamps were flickering and there was not even an insect crawling on the street. My father held my hand as tight as he could. It gave me a feeling that he was scared that I might get lost in the mist of darkness. After struggling a lot we got a taxi which helped us to get to the hospital on time. Phone calls after phone calls came during our journey to the hospital, which made my father worry even ten times more! anan moom_1922146428_n

My mother was about to give birth to a child. I didn’t know back than would it be a baby boy or a baby girl. Everyone around my neighborhood used to tell me that, the little creature was going to snatch all the love and affection from my mother which I deserve. I was bursting out with anger inside of me. Firstly that little snob was going to be my rival and now he was keeping my father in pain and worry! That was a lot had to endure.

“ Your wife is taken inside the surgery room… don’t worry… pray to God … she will be fine.”

The doctor’s unfriendly tone froze my father to death. My aunt was continuously praying for my mother and her upcoming child. I was sitting quite on a waiting chair, looking at the white tiles on the long, dark, spooky corridor. I thought all the hazards my father had to go through for that child. Thinking about all those was not only making me emotional, but also was creating an egocentric feeling for that baby.

Suddenly the silence broke as a baby cried out loud from the surgery room. My father came running from one end of the corridor to the other. A nurse came out, holding a little baby in her arms. After my father took the baby on his arms his worried face wore off with a little smile. To me it more felt like that little thing brought all those happiness and joy that he was waiting for so long. Handing over that child on my hands he went inside to visit my mom. With a disappointment and annoyed feeling I looked at him. He was looking at me with an amiable look.  He was adorable. He was smiling… and was trying to touch my face and play… My anger vanished somewhere and I made sure it should never come back. From that very moment I felt how lovely it is to be an elder sister. It felt as if God has blessed us with an angel. I hugged him and whispered : ‘ this is surely the best thing ever that God has blessed me with… I am going to give you so much love that you will not be in need to take extra love and affection from mom. ‘


Aquib, he is now twelve years old. I feel proud when he calls me his beloved sister and come to me with all his problems. Sometimes we study together and sometimes we take a break from our daily routine and go somewhere to spend a little time together. He believes I am his friend. He come to me when mother scolds him, and for me, he is half of my world. I feel uncomfortable when I have flash backs about the things I use to predict before his birth. I was wrong, I was so wrong that I use to think he would bring unhappiness  in my life. That very day would be the day I will never forget, the day God blessed me with such a special gift. I would love to call it the most memorable day of my life.

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